TWOS abides by an anthropocentric design with a view to leading to the upgrade of human well-being and well-living. Inhabitant’s presence and movements in the architecture space emanate from the allocated functions and compose the architectural morphology and form. Following this mindset, design assumes the role to make interior and exterior space to seamlessly intermingle through the predefined space functions, and therefore to render the built space user-friendly. A non-loquacious architectural vocabulary is recruited so that these principles are unobstructed on their way to the architectural realization. A project begins as a sketch and it evolves from conventional architectural drawings to analytical documentation, which takes into consideration construction details, material and colors palette, finance and investment indicators, time-schedule etc.

TWOS is an architectural and interior design firm founded by Kolsouzoglou Anthony and Vasilikou Tina based in Paros Island in Greece. TWOS has been active in the field for six years and has undertaken several projects from residential buildings and apartments to commercial spaces and interior design projects. The two owners, Tina and Anthony, are decorators and architects respectively, thus they combine their fields and insights on the design process as well as on the construction phase. Kolsouzoglou Anthony has studied architecture in Athens and has been practicing architecture since 2009. Most of his projects have been constructed in Athens and Paros. Tina Vasilikou has studied interior architecture in Florence and resides in Paros. Many of her implemented projects are located in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Cyclades.